1. Endeavour to do all required clearance in your Institution

The first thing every successful Post-utme student should know is that clearance of the territory he/she have been admitted into is very important. At the end of the clearance process a document will be issued, which is usually called eligibility. This eligibility document will be signed by both clearance officer and you. Furthermore, this document should be safely kept for final year clearance.

2. The Territory Institution is Not For Fun Play

Many people come to territory institution thinking is a all about hang out, entertainment, sporting as salient as all of this your priority should be making good grades.

3. Time management

Time is a major factor in executing plans in territory institution. The old saying that tells us that time wait for no body is very true but not the whole truth, time reveal all things. Do more of your time with important things.

4. Study Strategically

Reading is very good for making good results in territory institution but if you really want to make the best of grade while in school then you have to know the reading patterns that works for you optimally.

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5. Create your own vibe

Creating your own vibe means creating your own self confident in reality to life in campus this should be done with humility and smartness.

The best vibe you can get is in Christ Jesus.